Sit/Stand Instructor Cart
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The MarvelVizion® Instructor Carts - with the FeatherTouch™ Lift System

Full Featured Design with Mobility

We created the Instructor Series to be an all-in-one Teacher’s Workstation. They are versatile enough
to work sitting down or standing up, demonstrating or doing paperwork. Many types of equipment
are supported such as laptops, projectors and document cameras. These teaching carts provide
support for both A/V and Desk functions on a small footprint. The “Instructor” meets and exceeds
standard safety requirements.

Highly Adaptable: Available in TWO different levels  - You choose the model that is right for your environment.

What is The FeatherTouch Lift System?  The FeatherTouch Lift System allows you to quickly and easily adjust the shelf height with one hand - No more tools!

The Instructor Series is all about Classroom Safety

What is Our Slow Close Shelf?  The Slow Close Shelf does exactly what the name says - Slowly closes until the shelf is parallel with the side of the cart. Our engineers ensured that there are no pinch points on these shelves, making it extremely safe for all grade levels.

No-Tip Base: Ideal for all ages! The 29.8”W x 22”D base and 5" casters ensure that the Instructor Series Presentation Carts will not tip over while moving over thresholds.

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Model Numbers

Product Number Description Adj Height Drop Down Shelf Fixed Height Drop Down Shelf 3/4 Height Door
MVIG3022 Marvel Vizion Instructor Series Cart - Gold Y Y Y
MVIS3022 Marvel Vizion Instructor Series Cart - Silver Y Y N